Kate Bartosik, FRANdata

Kate Bartosik

Kate Bartosik, Senior Client Solutions Specialist, FRANdata

Kate Bartosik is the Senior Client Solutions Specialist, and the Team Lead for Bank Credit Reports at FRANdata.  FRANdata is the primary source of objective research about franchising, providing information, analysis, benchmarking, due diligence and credit risk rating services to franchisors and companies serving the franchise industry.

Kate works with franchisors and lenders on capital access issues. In her years at FRANdata she has worked to facilitate thousands of franchise loans through the Franchise Registry, where franchise brands’ Bank Credit Reports and SBA Approvals are hosted for lenders. An expert on SBA and conventional lending, Kate helps franchisors improve their financing program by having a Bank Credit Report produced and available on the Franchise Registry. More than 5,000 franchise lenders access the Franchise Registry website to find the information they need to underwrite franchise loans.

Kate is a member of the Capital Area Franchise Association, and has participated in over 40 franchise trade shows and conferences. Kate lives in Washington, DC where she earned a master’s degree in International Communication from American University’s School of International Service. She also holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from Michigan State University in International Relations from James Madison College, and in Communication, with a specialization in Public Relations from the College of Communication Arts & Sciences.