Democratize the finance business!

BoeFly aims to finance the masses“ by Beth Ewen, Franchise Times

As franchisors and bankers rush to court the multi-unit operators of the Grade A brands, who´s left behind? The regular person, interested in a lesser-known franchise, who would like to own a business but more often than not can´t get a loan. BoeFly´s founders want to help, one unit at a time. But can they make a difference in a bigger-is-better world?

Every time we hear about that closed loan, we’re ringing the bells. It’s exciting,” says Nayor, BoeFly’s soft-spoken chief operating officer who used to trade equity options for a living, moving millions of dollars a day for a bank’s prominent private clients, but he was ultimately unsatisfied.

“Although it was the glitz and glamour of Wall Street, it became apparent to me I wasn’t producing anything,” Nayor says, something that came to bother him over time. He’s 38, the same age as the surprise winner of this year’s Boston Marathon, he offers in an interview the same week as the race. A long-distance runner himself, he prefers concrete results. “Seeing the expansion of a business or getting a business off the ground—trading is intangible. Small businesses are tangible.”

Tangible, yes, and also tedious, to hold the conferences, make the introductions, qualify the prospects, submit the applications, evaluate the financials, one by one by one. BoeFly aims to speed up the process, with its original online marketplace and now with a new trademarked tool called bQual. Their real mission is to get financing to the masses.

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