Ed Samane, PRO Martial Arts

Ed Samane, CEO and Grand Master, PRO Martial Arts

Grandmaster Ed Samane, successful entrepreneur and President and CEO of PRO Martial Arts Franchise Corp, a successful character education model that uses martial arts to build self confidence in children and young adults couples his extensive experience in franchising with a strong background in sales, marketing, customer service management, operations, and business development.

In addition to his role with PRO Martial Arts, Samane is recognized as an expert with a proven track record in planning, launching, and growing successful businesses and franchises, both nationally and internationally.

Coupled with exceptional relationship management skills, a solid background in core business functions including leadership, training and development, marketing / sales, customer service management and business operations and project management, Samane is a dynamic leader and mentor who builds team cohesion and inspires individuals to strive toward higher levels of achievement.

Grandmaster Samane is a self-confident, powerful strategist who is able to map creative business visions, transform and empower organizations with tools, technologies and training to achieve a company’s overall objectives.